Judge rules in favor of a gay couple in same-sex marriage case

Judge rules in favor of a gay couple in same-sex marriage case

D.C. Superior Court Judge David M. Siegel has ruled in favor, in part, of a lesbian couple who wanted to get married and get married again in the District of Columbia.

The ruling is a victory for the plaintiffs who want to marry in D.U.C., where same-year marriages are legal.

In his opinion on Tuesday, Siegel said the city cannot refuse to recognize a marriage ceremony if the couple is eligible.

“It is an unconstitutional deprivation of a married couple’s constitutional right to marry and to obtain the necessary benefits of marriage,” he wrote.

Siegel’s decision was not binding, but it will give couples the opportunity to get their marriage recognized in D,C.

that will go into effect in 2019.

On Friday, the city filed a motion asking the court to overturn the decision.

In its motion, the couple said the court’s decision “sends the wrong message” about the District’s marriage laws and that the city is discriminating against gays and lesbians in the process.

The case is D.W. v.

Mayor of Washington, D.c., No. 16-914.

The Washington Times reports that in its motion to overturn Siegel’s ruling, the plaintiffs wrote that the court “ignores the substantial, longstanding history of discrimination and harassment against homosexuals and lesbians that exists in our city.”

The judge wrote that “the city’s failure to recognize same-gender marriages is a significant departure from longstanding, longstanding and longstanding city policy.”

He added that the City Council had previously stated that it “is not obligated to recognize any marriages that are not in accordance with their faith traditions and their religious beliefs.”

The judge’s ruling will affect same-seeds in D., which allows same-day and same-night weddings.

The D.D.C.-based Washington, DC Gay Rights Alliance and other groups are hoping for an injunction to prevent the city from enforcing the ruling.

As of Tuesday, the couples’ lawsuit had not been dismissed.

At least two other gay couples in the nation have filed similar lawsuits.

Same-sex couples were allowed to marry nationwide last year.

In a statement, the Human Rights Campaign said the decision “puts a new twist on the debate over gay marriage in America.”

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