Free divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania says she has not been contacted by the Pennsylvania Department of Social Services

Free divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania says she has not been contacted by the Pennsylvania Department of Social Services

Philadelphians are being offered the option of going to court free if they want to file a divorce free of a court appearance.

The Philadelphia divorce attorney, who declined to provide her name for fear of retribution, said she is hearing from a number of people who are interested in filing their own cases in the Pennsylvania state courts.

“I am hearing from several of them,” she said.

“If they are able to do it, they will go to court for free.

There are no fees.

The case will go forward.

It will not be held in front of a judge.

It is not a hearing that will be conducted in front in front a judge.”

The Philadelphia law firm, Cipriani, declined to say how many people are looking for free divorce.

Cipriano, founded by lawyer Philip Agnew in 1996, has more than a quarter-million clients.

The law firm has a reputation for making clients feel confident in filing divorce cases without the fear of having their legal fees go up.CIPRIANO has a contract with the Pennsylvania Courts to offer free divorce and divorce-related legal services to anyone who is not able to afford an attorney.

“Our clients want to know that they are being heard,” said Cipriano’s general counsel, David Hensley.

“They want to feel confident.”

The firm has been working for more than 15 years to provide free divorce cases in Pennsylvania, including some involving marriages in which no divorce was awarded, and some involving divorces that were awarded.

Hensley said the Pennsylvania courts have seen a significant increase in the number of divorces in recent years, which he said has increased the opportunity for people to file free divorce petitions.

“It is an area of law that is not represented by the courts in a fair or impartial way,” he said.

He added that while the Philadelphia divorce office has seen a slight increase in divorces filed, the office has not seen a spike in cases filed.

The divorce attorneys have not heard from a single client who has been able to file their own free divorce, said Hens.

The court’s Free Dormouse Program, which is a partnership between the Philadelphia and state courts, was created in 2011.

Hensen said the Free Dorye Free Dose program has helped to bring about significant changes in divorce law in Pennsylvania.

“We have seen the number drop from about 70,000 cases a year to about 20,000 a year,” he added.

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