Lawyer who lost her leg to road traffic accident speaks out

Lawyer who lost her leg to road traffic accident speaks out

A lawyer who lost part of her left leg in a road traffic crash says she was treated like a criminal by the government after she lost her job.

Lawyer Ravi Gupta, 35, who works for the Centre for Disability Rights in Pune, was driving with her family in a car with her husband when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree.

She was injured in the accident and has not been able to work since.

The family’s car was parked outside their house and Gupta said her husband had told her to sit on the ground while they were driving.

“I could not get the car off the ground.

The car was locked and locked up,” she said.”

We were parked on the side of the road when I lost my leg, but the police were nowhere to be found.

We got a letter saying that my husband was not in the hospital.

They even said he was staying in a hospital in Mumbai.”

I was not allowed to see my husband and I was not told about his death.

The government is not only taking the law into its own hands, Gupta said. “

It’s not good for people with disabilities to be treated as criminals,” she told NDTV.

The government is not only taking the law into its own hands, Gupta said.

“They are not doing the right thing.

They are doing nothing to help people like me.”

The Indian Council of Medical Research has reported that only 5% of people with leg amputations can be rehabilitated.

The World Health Organisation has also reported that about 5% have lost their leg in road traffic accidents.

A lawyer for the family, Prabhav Gupta, said he would like to see the government improve the way it deals with disability cases.

“When the government doesn’t do anything, I don’t think they will get any more money for disability cases,” he said.

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