Why a credit card lawsuit is so complicated and the best advice for lawyers

Why a credit card lawsuit is so complicated and the best advice for lawyers

JASON WILLIAMS, attorney at law, is a partner at Washington, D.C. Williams specializes in consumer fraud and fraud defense and is the author of “Debunking the Credit Card Fraud Lie: A Fraud-Free Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Been Faked or Stolen.”

He is the host of the podcast, “The Credit Card Lie: Debunking Your Own Fraud.”

In a 2015 lawsuit filed in Florida, Williams alleged that an unidentified “John Doe” impersonated a lawyer, falsely billed him for the services of a client, and stole $4,000 from him in a fraudulent scheme.

In the suit, Williams also accused “John” of being “in cahoots with a crooked bank, the U.S. Treasury Department, and other government entities” in a fraud scheme to “take advantage of the plaintiff for his own personal gain.”

In the lawsuit, Williams said that the unnamed “John D. Doe” had created a fake credit card number and claimed to be a real attorney.

Williams and his team were able to successfully sue the unnamed John Doe for more than $2 million, though the jury award for Williams and his legal team was less than the original $4 million award for the alleged fraud.

“The plaintiff’s false claims were based on numerous and erroneous allegations made by John Doe, the defendant,” the suit states.

“The plaintiff did not present any evidence to support his claims, which were not supported by the evidence presented in the case.”

The lawsuit also alleged that John Doe’s alleged fraud is ongoing, and that he “has continued to fabricate and fabricate,” the lawsuit states.

Williams said in an email to Business Insider that “the defendants have failed to pay any damages to the plaintiff or to his creditors.”

Williams said in a statement to BusinessInsider that he believes the suit is “just the beginning” of the legal action, and “we plan to file a motion to dismiss the case by the end of the week.”

He added that the “victim of the fraud is the plaintiff.”

“I am confident that the defendant, the government, and the courts will be able to resolve this matter without any further delay,” he said.

“I am convinced that this fraud has no place in America and I believe the courts are going to agree.”

Williams and attorney Jonathan Barden have been busy in the meantime, however.

In February, the judge who presided over the case ordered Williams to pay the plaintiffs $1.4 million in damages for “all the damages caused by John,” as well as for “the total amount of actual and punitive damages to plaintiffs and other defendants.”

Williams did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

The suit also states that the government is “entitled to recover from John Doe all monies and expenses incurred by the defendants in the investigation, prosecution, and trial of the case,” and is also entitled to “an order enjoining John Doe from misrepresenting any facts in this action.”

In addition, “John has violated the agreement between the plaintiffs and John Doe and has also failed to timely pay any monies to the plaintiffs,” the complaint states.

Williams has filed a motion seeking to dismiss his lawsuit.

In the meantime…

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