A lawyer’s resume may be misleading – a study

A lawyer’s resume may be misleading – a study

A lawyer may have the reputation of being a seasoned lawyer, but research by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) has found that some of their resumes are actually “under-written” and “misleading”.

The research was carried out by LSUC’s Institute of Law and the Law of the People, a division of the University of Ottawa.

It found that a lawyer’s professional profile is a reflection of how the lawyer thinks and how they approach their job.

“We wanted to see how people think about lawyers in the context of what they’re actually doing,” said Sarah Haggerty, the Institute’s director of research and development.

The institute has been studying lawyer profiles for more than five years, and its findings have already become widely known.

“It’s one of the few things we can look at, and it’s actually pretty clear that a lot of lawyers think they are better than they are,” she said.

“And that’s not the case.”

We are seeing a lot more lawyers with very little to say.

They have little to no knowledge about the field and little to nothing to say.

“The study looked at 20 resumes and more than 1,000 job applications, looking at what people considered to be the lawyer’s strengths, weaknesses and strengths.

The researchers found that more than half of resumes contained “misrepresentations” that were at least as big as those contained by lawyers who were considered to have the highest qualifications.

Haggerity said the research showed that the lawyer is “probably not what they think they want to be” and that “the best representation is that the person is a lawyer”. “

In the same survey we also looked at some of the other characteristics of a lawyer, including a lawyer who has an office and a lawyer for the people in the office, the kind of lawyer they are, the level of legal training they have and the kind and amount of work they are doing,” Haggercy said.

Haggerity said the research showed that the lawyer is “probably not what they think they want to be” and that “the best representation is that the person is a lawyer”.

“There’s a misconception that lawyers are the most highly qualified people in their profession,” she added.

“There are a lot that don’t have a lot to offer in terms of training and experience.”

The research also found that “there’s no evidence that the people who have the most training, experience and experience actually make the best lawyer”.

The LSUC study, entitled “A lawyer’s lawyer profile is under-written and misleading”, was published online this week.

The findings were made public by the law society, and the LSUC is also working with other professional organizations to make it easier for lawyers to report misleading resumes.

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