Texan lawyer who won $1M on Trump immigration case says she will sue to protect ‘trumps legacy’

Texan lawyer who won $1M on Trump immigration case says she will sue to protect ‘trumps legacy’

Lawyers from Houston who won more than $1 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against President Donald Trump have said they plan to sue to defend the legacy of the Republican president.

Dr. Arianna Johnson, an immigration lawyer in Houston, filed the lawsuit in March, saying that Trump’s executive order on immigration was a violation of her civil rights.

The lawsuit alleges that Johnson was unlawfully detained, unlawfully removed, and detained without cause by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which was not an agency under federal law.

“I am not just a citizen, I am an American.

We were born here.

We came here legally.

And the president’s policies are not good for us,” Johnson told the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday.

“We are trying to preserve the legacy that President Trump has, so I am going to sue.”

Johnson’s case stems from a fatal police shooting that occurred in January 2016, shortly after Trump took office.

Her family’s home was raided and she was detained and questioned about her immigration status.

The Texas Tribune reported that Johnson told police that she had no intention of making an immigration mistake.

The family later learned that she was being held at the Texas Women’s Detention Center.

Johnson said she was arrested after the officers asked her whether she had an immigration detainer, which requires immigration authorities to hold someone in custody until the person can be processed.

She said she answered that she did not have an immigration detention detainer and was released on her own recognizance.

Johnson’s attorney, Mark Rabinowitz, told the Chronicle that she intends to file a federal lawsuit.

Rabinovitz said the lawsuit will be filed on her behalf by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and will also include a number of other Texas clients.

“This lawsuit is an attempt to defend and protect the president from any consequences from the unlawful conduct of the federal government,” Rabinowits attorney said.

“As a lawyer and a citizen of the United States, I will defend my client in this matter and hope the court will see that her civil liberties were violated.”

Johnson told the Associated Press on Wednesday that she has been following the lawsuit for months, but was not surprised that it has caught the attention of the president.

“We were waiting for that day to happen and now that it is, we are all really, really happy to see it,” Johnson said.

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