Why Richard Jewell lawyer gets a divorce after 3 years of fighting

Why Richard Jewell lawyer gets a divorce after 3 years of fighting

The lawyer of an elderly New York woman who says she was duped into spending tens of thousands of dollars in an online scam that eventually led to her losing custody of her two sons says he’s satisfied with his outcome.

Richard Jewell, the attorney for Diane Larkin, filed papers Thursday with the New York Supreme Court to obtain a temporary restraining order barring the couple from filing divorce petitions in any of the other cases in which he is represented.

Larkin, 66, filed for divorce in February and her divorce was approved last month.

The couple’s two sons, who live in the Bronx, have since moved to Connecticut.

Larkins lawyers say that in July they began sending letters to nearly 200,000 people who have filed for the divorce, including her former husband.

They also filed for restraining orders in at least nine cases, including one involving the children of a former co-worker.

In all, Larkin’s lawyers said, the lawyer has received more than 20,000 letters, including more than 600 in New York.

Larksons attorneys said they received several thousand letters from people who want to file for divorce.

They said in the past they had received more in New Jersey than they have in any other state, and they said Larkin received several hundred letters from New Yorkers.

In a filing on Thursday, Larkins attorneys said the divorce was based on an online fraud scheme involving the wife of a convicted felon who is the alleged mastermind of the scam.

They say the fraud was discovered in October.

The scheme was discovered by Larkin and her husband when she filed for custody of the two sons after she was charged with criminal possession of a weapon in July, according to a court filing.

Larkin told the court in a deposition in July that her husband was a convicted drug dealer who used to run a gun and cocaine operation in the New Jersey suburbs.

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