UK consumer protection lawyers say Google can’t be held liable for ‘grievous’ breach

UK consumer protection lawyers say Google can’t be held liable for ‘grievous’ breach

A lawyer representing some of the thousands of people who took to the streets of London this week to demand that Google remove offensive images from its search results has called on the company to release the identities of those who have been impacted by the decision.

The lawyers are representing the London-based law firm that represented the film industry.

The group of lawyers include David Leyton, a leading civil liberties campaigner who is also an active campaigner for the rights of victims of hate crimes and anti-Semitism.

The London march, dubbed #GoogleBlackout, was organized by Stop Online Piracy (SOPA), a campaign led by online activist group Fight for the Future (FFT), which had demanded that Google stop removing “offensive” images from Google’s search results.

The protest was organized after Google blocked a petition signed by over 1.5 million people calling on the search giant to remove offensive “nudes”, and in the wake of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and in Copenhagen were also targeted.

According to Leyton and the lawyers, Google is only now beginning to publicly release the names of those affected by the censorship.

Google has now been forced to reveal the names and email addresses of those whose accounts were affected by its decision, Leyton said.

“We believe that Google’s response is unlawful and it’s time for them to reveal who these affected individuals are and how many of them are still being affected by this action,” Leyton told the Guardian.

“It’s absolutely vital that the public have confidence that Google is taking steps to protect the interests of its users and it has the ability to do that, but at the same time, we’re calling on Google to do the right thing and release the information.”

Leyton has also called on Google CEO Sundar Pichai to explain why the company has decided to ban offensive images on Google search results and what it intends to do in the future.

“What the public is left with is a vague promise of transparency from Google and its CEO Sundaro Pichari,” Leytons said.

He said that in light of the public outcry, Google must release the identity of those impacted by its censorship decision.

“Google’s CEO should be made to answer for the harm caused to victims of violence, discrimination, hate crimes, and other forms of violence.

Google should also release the full names and contact details of those harmed by this decision, along with the identities and contact information of those directly impacted,” he said.

Leyton also questioned why Google has not made the same decision for the search results of other online publishers, like Microsoft and Facebook.

Google, which was previously forced to remove the offensive “Nudes” from its online search results after a court order, has now also taken the stance of not taking any action on offensive images in the search terms “nude”, “naked”, and “niggers”.

Leyton is calling on Pichay to explain the reasons behind this decision and to release an apology to the affected users.

Pichiy, who also spoke at the #Googleblackout march, said that the decision to ban the offensive images was made at the request of a group of people, “not by Google”.

“We are not involved in this decision.

We have made a decision in accordance with the law and have acted appropriately and lawfully,” Pichaya said.

Pichey’s comments came after the company published a lengthy statement on the issue, saying that it had reviewed the “recent events in Europe and found no evidence of a breach of human rights.”

“We have taken a number of steps to ensure that our search results are not inadvertently offensive,” the company said.

Google said that it is working with a team of experts to develop new algorithms that will be “further refined in the coming weeks.”

However, it did not elaborate on what that means or what the results would look like.

PICHYA’S REACTION: ‘GOOD GODS’ SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTTED OUT ON LONDON’S ‘STOP’ ORGANIZED PROTEST Google said it is “committed to the principles of free speech and equality and in this case it has acted appropriately.”

Pichary told a press conference on Wednesday that the company had “no further comment” at this time.

The Google statement also said that Google had been in contact with the group of London protesters, and the company “has asked for their cooperation and assistance in furthering our efforts to resolve the issue.”


Google said: “Google is committed to the principle of free expression and we have always sought to protect people from harm online.

We do not and will not censor content on our platforms.” “However

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