Why is a Texas lawyer on the hook for millions in drug possession and marijuana charges?

Why is a Texas lawyer on the hook for millions in drug possession and marijuana charges?

A Texas lawyer is being sued for more than $6 million in civil money for allegedly pocketing millions in cash and drug charges from a small business owner, a lawsuit filed Monday claims.

Attorney John F. Hays Jr., who also represented a Texas man in a 2014 drug conviction, was sued by attorney David R. Houssou, who has accused the Texas attorney general of defrauding him of $6.8 million in cash, car, and property that was seized from the home of a drug dealer, according to a lawsuit from Hays and his attorney, John R. Schreiber.

Hays was named in the suit by Schreib, a former Dallas-based attorney for the Drug Enforcement Administration, who alleged that Hays violated his ethics rules by accepting money from Hous’s lawyer for legal work and other services.

Schreib said in the lawsuit that he had not received the cash from Hanks since 2015.

Houssouk was represented by attorneys Michael A. Cramer and Scott J. Dolan, who have not yet filed an answer to the lawsuit.

They have not been charged with any wrongdoing, according in the statement of claim filed Monday.

Schwartz said the case is still being litigated, and the case could potentially reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

In an interview, he said the lawsuit is not about money, but rather about the integrity of Hays’ work.

Huesou’s attorney, Mark A. Reuss, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in Travis County, Texas, the plaintiff claims Hays is a drug-related defendant whose lawyer took part in drug cases from 2014 to 2016, and whose attorney had an illegal business connection with a drug ring that was responsible for millions of dollars in money and property seized from his home in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

In one case, the defendant received cash from a criminal suspect who was arrested in 2017 on drug charges, and another criminal suspect was arrested by the defendant’s own police officer in 2018, according the suit.

The defendant was arrested on charges of possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, and possession of a firearm in relation to the drug ring, according.

In another case, Hous is accused of receiving cash from the defendant in 2016, in which Hous allegedly received more than a million dollars in cash from an undercover officer who had been posing as a drug trafficker.

Hos was arrested after police said the defendant was involved in the drug smuggling ring, and in 2018 was charged with drug possession, according a criminal complaint.

Hows has denied wrongdoing.

In a statement to The Associated Press, he called the allegations “absolutely false” and said they are based on “complete fabrication.”

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Hous has been the target of several lawsuits since his arrest in June 2018, including one filed in January by a business owner in Austin, Texas.

The business owner claims Hous used the business for drug trafficking.

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