Uber crash lawyer loses $30k in Uber lawsuit

Uber crash lawyer loses $30k in Uber lawsuit

Uber driver Steve Barnes has lost his case against the ride-hailing company after his employer, the California Association of Child Advocates, sued the company over allegations that the company did not take steps to ensure that drivers were properly trained.

Barnes, who was working as an Uber driver in the San Francisco Bay Area, said that in January 2017, Uber agreed to a settlement with him, which included a $30,000 payout.

However, Barnes said in his suit that the settlement did not include a requirement that Uber take safety and training measures to ensure drivers were trained and qualified.

According to Barnes’ lawsuit, Uber didn’t do that.

In his complaint, Barns alleged that Uber “did not take reasonable steps to protect its drivers from negligent or reckless driving or other dangerous driving behavior, including that Uber drivers engage in illegal activity in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 23140(a).”

In other words, Uber drivers are not required to be licensed and required to have a vehicle inspection and testing program in place, and they can engage in driving while intoxicated and driving while under the influence of drugs.

“We believe Uber drivers in California are being driven by the driver’s desire to avoid liability for their own reckless or illegal conduct,” the association said in a statement.

Barns’ case against Uber is not the first one to hit the news in the past week.

Uber’s parent company, Uber Technologies, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January.

It was the company’s first bankruptcy since the 2016 stock market crash.

In its bankruptcy filing, Uber stated that it had reached an agreement with the California Assn.

of Child Advocates, a coalition of child advocacy organizations, which had been “deeply committed to protecting children and working with our drivers to make our communities safer.”

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