Why a rocket lawyer will never ever get fired from a company, legal insider tells Business Insider

Why a rocket lawyer will never ever get fired from a company, legal insider tells Business Insider

A rocket lawyer who’s been fired from his job because of an unfair termination claim has a new job at the company he was fired from.

The company has hired the lawyer, John Epp, to help with the company’s wrongful termination process.

He told Business Insider that he was hired to help out with the wrongful termination claims and to work on a “very high level of accuracy.”

He was the only lawyer who was available, he said.

He did not disclose the company that hired him, nor did he say who the firing was at first.

He was hired as a lawyer by the company, which did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Epp told Business Insider that the company hired him to help on a lot of wrongful termination cases.

I just felt like a good fit for the team, he added.

I don’t know the company at all, he told BusinessInsider.

I’ve never worked for that company, I never worked with that team, I’ve just never worked on that team.

He told Businessinsider that his role would not be to represent the company or its clients.

He said the company would not tell him how it was going to handle the case.

He said he’d have to call the attorney directly.

If the company doesn’t like you or the fact that you have a problem with their decision, I’ll take it on my own.

He added that if the company does not want to hear from him, he could still sue them.

Epp told him to expect the worst.

I have to say, I would never have been hired for that job if it wasn’t for that situation, he explained.

I was on a team that was doing everything right.

I’m not going to be in that position again.

He also said that he did not have any contact with the other employees of the company.

He says he would never go to work for that kind of company again.

If they do a thing like that again, I don’t want to work there.

He’s a lawyer and I’m a person who is always trying to be a good employee.

I’m very good at my job, he replied.

I don: I don.

I never thought I’d get fired, and it was the best decision I ever made.

This story has been updated to include comment from the Rocket Lawyer.

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