Lawyer’s advice to students to avoid using ‘trolls’

Lawyer’s advice to students to avoid using ‘trolls’

Lawyers and tax advisers have been warned against using Twitter as a platform for trolling and malicious behaviour, as a result of growing concern about the use of the platform by students.

Key points:A lawyer at the University of New South Wales has warned students to stay away from using Twitter to troll studentsThe University of Sydney has banned some tweets from users who have posted abuse or threats of violence to its studentsThe National Union of Students says it has received a total of 17 complaints from students over the use by users of Twitter to harass, bully and harass.

The National Student Union (NSU) says the use is a form of trolling and has been banned from the platform.

“We have been informed that several students are using the hashtag #trolltickets on Twitter to post abusive tweets directed at NSU students,” it said in a statement.

“Students at the university have also been targeted with threats of physical violence, harassment and death, with a few students also making violent threats to NSU staff members.”

There has been a rise in the use and promotion of the hashtag and the use it has allowed to spread has been extremely damaging to our university.”‘

It’s the wrong way to go’Lawyers who are advising students on how to avoid the use are concerned that the “troll” label is being used in a bad way.”

This is not a troll,” law professor Stephen Smith said.”

It’s not the right way to look at this.

“I think this is just a way to make students feel better and to make them feel better about themselves and their conduct, as they go about their business.”‘

This is a bit of a big deal’The use of Twitter has seen a spike in recent weeks with thousands of users posting abuse and threats of murder to students.

“A lot of students have been using the #tickets hashtag to tweet things about their lives, and that is an appropriate and proper use of that hashtag,” law student Michael Smith said in an interview with the ABC.

“The question is, what do they want?

How do they get out of it?

I think it’s the right use of this particular hashtag.”

Mr Smith says it was an unfortunate incident, and he thinks it shows the dangers of using Twitter for trolling.

“If we start to see more of this, I think there’s going to be a real concern for the future of the University,” he said.

Law student Emily Smith says Twitter has become a “shelter for the troll”Law student Ms Smith says students are being urged to stay out of Twitter, because the “hate” it has given rise to is so bad.

“Twitter has become this shelter for the trolls,” she said.

“I think we need to get a handle on the trolls that are on Twitter.”

The university says it takes the safety of its students and staff very seriously.

“Our students are trained to use the social media platform to express their views and to respond to threats and abuse and to encourage other students to do the same,” a spokesperson said.

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