Why women lawyer and drug lawyer need to work together

Why women lawyer and drug lawyer need to work together

The lawyer who became the first woman to represent a defendant in a case in the Supreme Court has urged women to consider working together with a male lawyer.

“I want you to consider if it’s worth it,” Shabnam Jha told The Sunday Times in an interview.

“We are not asking you to work for free.

If you can’t afford a lawyer, it’s not worth it.”

Ms Jha was the first female lawyer to represent the husband of a defendant who was charged with murder in a separate case and was later acquitted.

“You have to be careful not to put yourself in the position of the woman in the case who is just trying to get through the day and have an advocate, and so on,” she said.

Ms Tiwari said her clients have been “pretty supportive” of the initiative. “

What we need is for you to put your name forward, and then if you get an advocate who is able to give you advice, that’s when it starts to get more rewarding.”

Ms Tiwari said her clients have been “pretty supportive” of the initiative.

“They’re always happy to get an email from us,” she added.

“In our experience, it really helps when the women’s lawyer is with you.”

Ms Bedi is the first Indian-born woman to be appointed to the court’s top legal post.

Ms Bodi, who was appointed to a second term in December, has been at the Supreme Judicial Tribunal (SJT) since 2014.

Ms Jhalani, the first of the two women to be named to the CJT, was appointed in December.

Ms Tijani has also been appointed.

“If you are a woman, the CJTs position is very important, and if you are not, it is important to find a partner who is going to help you get through your day,” Ms Jhan said.

Ms Nair was appointed the first justice of the Bombay High Court in May, a position she held until November.

Ms Rana has been appointed the second senior judge in the Bombay high court.

Ms Datta, the only Indian-British woman, has also joined the court in its new role as a senior judge.

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