How to make the most of your legal fees

How to make the most of your legal fees

Posted October 08, 2018 05:25:53 If you are planning on getting a divorce, you may be tempted to use a tax lawyer.

But don’t do it.

That’s because a lawyer is a serviceable way to make money for a divorce lawyer, according to a new report.

“The idea that a lawyer can make money by going into a divorce and arguing, and they can make a profit out of that is ridiculous,” said Paul Schaffner, a tax law professor at Georgetown University Law Center and the author of Taxing the Money Game.

“The reality is that a divorce attorney is basically an investment company.”

The article was originally published by Business Insider.

Schaffner said a divorce isn’t like any other business transaction.

“You have to go through a lengthy negotiation and then there is the final step of making a payment to the bank and paying taxes,” he said.

Tax attorneys charge fees ranging from $2,500 for a “simple” divorce to up to $5,000 per divorce, according the National Taxpayers Union.

The National Association of Attorneys General, a lobbying group for attorneys general, estimated in March that lawyers spend about $3 billion a year on litigation.

They charge an average of $6,500 per case, and a lawyer in California can make $5.8 million per year, according a 2015 report from the Center for the Study of the Legal Economy.

The National Taxpayer Union said in a statement that the tax-filing services industry “has the potential to significantly impact the financial lives of millions of Americans.”

It also said that lawyers could become a “gateway to legal debt.”

“Lawyers can use their expertise and legal knowledge to help families and businesses avoid costly and time-consuming litigation and to reduce the costs and burdens on businesses,” the group said.

The tax lawyer industry “tends to be an expensive and lucrative business,” Schaffter said.

“Lawyers are very good at finding people who are ready to pay, and there is a lot of fraud going on.”

The National Tax Office, which advises on taxes and has more than 300,000 lawyers across the country, estimates that nearly 1 in 10 divorces are filed using a divorce settlement.

The settlement allows the parties to split the settlement, which is a big advantage for a lawyer because they can work with their client on the settlement to see if there are any outstanding issues.

When a divorce is filed, the court typically reviews a variety of documents, including court-ordered child support payments and the amount of child support owed.

If the amount is less than $500, the divorce is dismissed and the court will decide whether to approve the agreement.

If that amount is greater than $750, the parties must agree to a settlement.

If there is no agreement, the judge can grant the request to reduce child support.

If a divorce has been finalized, the agreement must be approved by the court.

The amount of the child support must be paid to the child’s biological parents.

The parties must also sign a contract, which can contain language that requires a financial commitment to the children.

If both parties agree to it, the law requires the child to support the mother and father financially.

In a divorce that does not have an agreement in place, the child may be given a financial settlement if the parties agree on one.

If neither party agrees, the family must decide on what happens after the child is born, according with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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