‘I thought, I want to get married, but I didn’t want to do it’: Marriage counselor in divorce lawsuit says she wants to divorce her husband

‘I thought, I want to get married, but I didn’t want to do it’: Marriage counselor in divorce lawsuit says she wants to divorce her husband

A divorce lawyer in Maryland who filed a divorce petition for her husband says she believes her marriage is in a permanent, “crucial” state of disrepair, according to court documents.

In the petition filed Monday, Lisa Egan claims that she and her husband are divorced and are in a “crucible relationship,” and that the marriage was “irreparably damaged” after her husband failed to pay her mortgage.

Egan, 51, filed her petition with the Maryland Superior Court on Monday and said that she has been fighting the marriage for five years.

She claims she has received “lots of financial support” and that her husband has “failed to maintain his relationship” with her.

The divorce is still ongoing and Egan is appealing.

Egon, a real estate agent in the Washington area, claims that the couple “have been together for more than 20 years” and have been married since 1999.

Ewan’s divorce petition says that the wife, who is the mother of three young children, has “not been able to adequately support the couple in their lives” and said her husband “has been a very destructive person.”

The divorce petition also says that Egan “does not want to divorce” her husband because she has “never wanted to leave” the marriage, and she wants “to continue to live the life she is living.”

Egan filed for divorce in May 2015 after she was told by a mortgage appraiser that her home was worth $1.5 million.

Eitan’s lawsuit claims that her ex-husband, who was also named in the lawsuit, has repeatedly told her that he has a “good job” and a “safe place” to live, and that she is being paid “very little money” for her services.

Egalons attorney, Christopher McManus, told Newsweek that he and Eitan are not trying to win an appeal.

“We’re just looking for justice, and we’re looking to make a settlement,” McManis said.

Eghan’s husband, who also has not been named in court documents, has not returned a call for comment.

A spokesperson for Egan said that the lawyer “continues to work with her to address her financial concerns.”

Eitan also sued her ex in federal court last month, arguing that he had “further and continued to violate her personal and civil rights.”

Egalon has filed multiple complaints against her ex, including harassment, threats, and physical violence, and is asking a judge to force the ex to pay for her and her children’s tuition at private schools.

Eagan is not seeking financial compensation from Egan.

The lawsuit filed in the Superior Court in Baltimore on Monday is Egan v.


It is not yet clear if Egan’s attorney will file an amended complaint in federal or state court.

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