Cat Lawyer Gets Paid $25K to Speak at Donald Trump’s Tax Return Event

Cat Lawyer Gets Paid $25K to Speak at Donald Trump’s Tax Return Event

A lawyer for a cat owner who was allegedly arrested by police while trying to help her dog escape from a police station has received a $25,000 payout for her testimony during Donald Trump Jr.’s tax return hearing.

Lisa Gentry, a former Florida state representative who has represented cats since the late 1990s, said she received the payment last week after filing a lawsuit against Trump Jr. on behalf of her cat, Gage.

“The dog has suffered a lot,” Gentry told Vice News.

“It’s gone through hell.

I feel for it.

I’m so grateful for the money.”

Gentry said she was approached by a “very high-ranking officer” who told her the $25 million would go to Gage’s tax-free attorney fees, not her lawyer fees.

Gentry’s lawyer, John Miller, said Gage was not told she would receive the money.

“I am not paying for the lawyer’s fees because I don’t have them,” Miller said.

“But I am providing the legal representation for the cat that the officer arrested on a warrant.”

Gage and her cat were arrested while attempting to help Gage get her cat back from a cop after it bit her neighbor’s dog.

Gage said the officer then told her she needed to get the dog out of the county, but Gage refused to leave.

She and Gage called the police, and when they arrived, the officer took Gage into custody.

“She was put into handcuffs,” Gage told Vice.

“Her handcuffs were put on her.

They were pulled down to her knees.

Her feet were on the ground.

They pulled down her pants.

She was handcuffed and placed on the floor.”

The officer then handcuffed her legs to the floor.

Gance said she tried to reach her cat and call the police officer, but it was too late.

“There was no response from her,” Gages lawyer said.

The officer told Gage that she was being arrested for failure to disperse and a violation of a municipal code.

Gages cat, Chico, was eventually rescued by the officer and returned to Gages custody, according to Miller.

Miller said Gentry was not the one who called the animal shelter after she and her animal bit her.

“We called Animal Control, which is an independent agency that takes in stray animals,” Miller explained.

“They did an initial inspection, and they determined that she had bitten a neighbor’s cat and had the cat on her.”

Miller said that Gage also called the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services after the incident and called the agency several times.

“Ms. Gager contacted us on behalf.

The agency did investigate and found that the cat was not injured,” Miller told Vice on Wednesday.

Miller also said Gance’s attorney was notified of the $20,000 payment when it was filed.

“So, she called the DCE, she made the call and the person that called her, they were told by the DGE that the payment would go toward her lawyer fee,” Miller continued.

“And then she was told that the person responsible for the payment was a law enforcement officer who arrested her cat on a misdemeanor warrant.”

Miller told VICE that Gages attorney had contacted him last week to tell him about the payment.

“My lawyer is the only person who knows what happened,” Miller added.

Gies attorney, Mark Bovey, said Miller had called him to discuss the payment but was told it would be delayed due to a pending litigation.

“Mark was not informed of the payment,” Boveys attorney told Vice, adding that Miller would not comment further until Gages case was settled.

Gides attorney, David L. Bove, told VICE in an email that Gentry had contacted the DTE to inform him that the $27,000 was “for her attorney fee” and that she did not know if the money would be paid.

“Gage has been in jail for over two months and she has not been paid for her services,” Bovove said.

GBI also did not respond to VICE’s request for comment on the pending litigation over the incident.

The DTE’s spokesperson told VICE the agency is currently investigating the incident, which took place in May 2016, and that “we have not received any complaint about Ms. Gade.”

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