Why it matters: How immigrants who seek asylum are treated in America

Why it matters: How immigrants who seek asylum are treated in America

DALLAS — More than 30,000 asylum seekers have applied for asylum in the United States since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, according to figures released Friday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The agency’s annual count covers those who seek refuge in the U to enter the country as refugees, as well as those who have applied on a “voluntary basis” as individuals, for whatever reason.

“The surge of new asylum seekers and the continued surge of refugees who have arrived over the last year are the direct result of the Trump administration’s policies and actions,” said Sarah Binder, a DHS spokeswoman.

The department also noted that the number of new arrivals was “not an accurate reflection of the number or scope of asylum applications that have been received by the Department.” 

But there’s another reason that the agency is releasing the numbers of new applicants: The administration is considering increasing the number and severity of immigration raids on those seeking asylum, a move that could put the lives of many at risk. 

The administration’s actions are part of an unprecedented expansion of the immigration war to include undocumented immigrants, including many of the people who seek sanctuary in the country.

Under the Trump-era plan, the government is expected to seize tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the coming months. 

On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that expands the scope of what’s known as “sanctuary cities” to include states, cities and counties, which will now be required to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration enforcement and provide a range of services to refugees. 

But the DHS has not yet issued guidance for the federal government to apply for a blanket “sanctity city” designation for the entire nation.

That could put millions of people at risk of being targeted by raids. 

In a statement, Binder acknowledged that many of those targeted by Trump’s crackdown are “undocumented immigrants and refugees.” 

“We have seen reports of ICE raids and detention of people in their homes,” she said.

“Some are being held at the detention centers in Texas and Minnesota, others have been detained and returned to their home countries.

Others have been released and returned.

DHS is working to protect the privacy of all people who have been targeted.” 

DHS has said it will work with the federal courts to ensure the rule of law is upheld in the Trump era.

“As we continue to enforce the law, we will not hesitate to protect those who come forward and report illegal activity,” Binder said. 

 This story has been updated to include more information about the numbers and scope of the federal raids.

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