How to avoid dog bites in Maryland

How to avoid dog bites in Maryland

Lawyers are required to register as pet sitters for the first time in Maryland if they want to practice law in the state.

The law, approved by the Maryland Bar Association in June, makes the change effective immediately.

It also requires lawyers who are not registered pet sitter for their clients to register with the bar within 30 days.

“It’s a great step toward keeping our state a sanctuary state, and a safe one,” said Attorney General Brian Frosh, a Democrat who signed the bill.

“We are moving toward a more inclusive and safer society.

We’ve seen that with the rise of ISIS, and with the tragic deaths of people in our state.”

The new law requires lawyers to notify the attorney general if they decide to become a pet sitler for a client or for an individual.

If they don’t, they could face fines of up to $1,000 and a year in jail.

Maryland has no statute prohibiting the practice of law in certain cases.

However, in an effort to stop illegal immigration, the state has cracked down on sanctuary jurisdictions, including those that have turned a blind eye to the illegal immigration of their citizens.

The bill has been criticized by human rights advocates, including the ACLU of Maryland, as it will discourage more people from becoming law firms.

“The Maryland Bar is working to expand the number of pet sitting positions in the State of Maryland,” Frosh said in a statement.

“To help keep our state safe, we will continue to strengthen the protections for attorneys and their clients.”

A spokesman for the ACLU said it will not be commenting on the law until it receives the final version.

The new bill was part of a package of bills that passed the state Senate and Assembly in April.

The governor signed them into law.

Maryland is among a handful of states that have no laws prohibiting sanctuary jurisdictions.

But in November, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Justice Department had failed to prove that sanctuary cities and states had complied with immigration laws.

In March, the Justice Department announced that it would begin a criminal investigation of several sanctuary jurisdictions in Maryland.

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