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Iranian Lawyers Group (ILG)

Availing of a unique combination of highly good reputation in the filed of domestic litigation and arbitration with a long-term, exhausted and up-to-dated experience on the issues dealing with the international trade and contracts law and practice, the Iranian Lawyers Group (ILG) , has been established in the form of an unincorporated association, and is profoundly framed up to be a client-oriented service provider in Iran.

Our domestic reputation stems from our over one-decade involvement in a broad range of major disputes of different nature and in different fields. Furthermore, our experience over the international issues, in particular international trade and contracts, is backed by our continued and on-going working with different industrial sections in Iran (including oil & gas, telecommunication, agriculture, copper, etc.).

Grouped into two interconnected divisions, Domestic and International Affairs, ILG is structured to provide clients with sufficient and efficient information as to various kinds of legal matters; working and reliable solutions and advices; and timely support and protection for the clients' rights and interests in Iran. (For a list of ILG Services please Click Here)

The founders of the ILG have been mostly inspired by the idea to establish a team of Iranian lawyers and professional legal practitioners ensuring prompt and to-the-point reply to the expanding needs and concerns of the clients within the ever-changing legal and business environment of a rapidly developing country like Iran.

In particular, as regards the international affairs and transactions, especially large-scale industrial projects within Iran, and to cover the special needs of the companies active in the mentioned field, and in consideration of the nature of the industrial works, ILG have developed an integrated, package-wise and flexible approach for responding the clients on a need-to-know basis and, further, to cover all practical areas pertinent to such projects.

Devoted to uplifting the quality of its services, ILG is firmly committed to provide the clients with world-class services enabling them to comply with the requirements of Iranian market and legal environment and to find the best available solutions to the key matters of their projects.